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Harry's is an American company that manufactures and sells shaving equipment and men's personal care products via online and retail channels. The company is known for its subscription service where customers receive new razor blades, shaving cream, and other grooming products by mail. Harry's is based in New York.

Harry's razors have no quality and are cheaply made, the head falls off the handle every time, Chas claims at consumeraffairs.com

"This razor is cheaply made! The head doesn't stay connected to the handle. The damn thing falls off the handle every damn time! Yeah, the colors are better but Dollar Shave Club has better quality."

User "Mark Z." writes a negative review on Harry's razor blades on the "Sitejabber" website on February 10, 2020:

"I bought a Harry's razor and it is the worst I have ever used! I had to use my Gillette Match 5 to complete the job. Worse than Schick! Horrible shave! I hadn't cut myself shaving in almost 10 years until trying Harry's."


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Server (Former Employee) says

"It was a good place of work because of my coworkers but management was extremely on top of you and not being very fair but thye were micromanagers but money was goodgreat crowdoverbearing manager"

preparateur de commande (Former Employee) says

"Bonjour, harry's une entreprise qui fabrique des pains, un esprit de groupe plutôt assez bien mes pas très résonnable, ces usine que je conseille pour personne qui veux débuter mes faire un contrat ces pas supportable, ces tu marche ou tu creve.EquipeRepas"

Manager, cashier- Chattanooga-TN (Former Employee) says

"it was good experience. but the company don't give any type of benefits and all that. but work atmosphere is very good. so i like to work with this company.N/aN/a"

Owner (Current Employee) says

"I enjoy being outside and mixing with different people on a daily basis, no two days are the same. I have enjoyed being self employed but have found the last 2-3 years difficult with regard to cash flow and stability of work. The hardest part of the job is remaining calm and diplomatic in testing circumstances and being able to deal with irrate customers when my client has not followed the job spec to the full. On the fabrication side I enjoy seeing the job from start to finish and seeing the product fully functional."

craig sharp says

"Seen lots of positive reviews and bought one of these from boots, 8.99. First shave, the blade was clearly so blunt and stopped half way through. Also bought the shaving gel which seems ok but if that’s the standard of their blades I would rather stick with Gillette. Would certainly not recommend Harry’s after this experience."

Simon says

"Although it gave me a reminder of when my order was due, when it shipped, essential items were "out of stock", which is pointless really, at least tell us before you ship so we can cancel or change the order. Cancelled entire subscription as a result as there's no point in having a subscription if you can't get the products."

Richard says

"Just purchased this razor at Costco. Tried it once. It is cheap, gave a rough shave, (2 cuts), and the design is poor. I am returning it tomorrow."

Matt Thompson says

"I'm not necessarily speaking about the razors, yet, as I tried Harry's Shaving Cream for the first time last night. I also purchased a new (my second) four-pack of razor blades. These new blades were labeled as "our sharpest ever." More on that in a bit.

I normally used a product called "Shave In The Shower" shave gel, after King Of Shaves inexplicably disappeared. That was a great product. But like all good things, it was removed from the shelves at my local drug store as well. So I tried Harry's Shaving Cream, another plastic tube which I prefer as the container doesn't rust. Good lather. That's all I can say I liked about it. Otherwise, it smelled horrible and I could feel it dry my hands right out as I rinsed the excess off after applying to my scalp. Yup, we're getting to the good part.

I also just noticed for the first time that Harry's Razors are "designed for the face, so [they] do not recommend Harry's Razors for head shaving." The warning was molded into the case. I never saw it before. It wasn't molded into the previous case of "not our sharpest blades ever." But sure enough, they do put that warning on the cardboard box... on the very bottom in small letters next to the barcode.

For bald guys like me, we know that the skin on the scalp is very thin and contours the skull where there is little body fat for padding. And yup, for the first time in 2o years of shaving my head, I cut myself. And I don't mean "nicked." I scraped a three-inch gash of skin off my skull which bunches up like an accordian under the blade on the 3rd or 4th stroke. I managed to continue shaving, despite blood pouring down my face and running down the shower drain. But never again.

I don't know if it's because of the new blades (same exact UPC, by the way) or if it's because of the crap shaving cream, but I tried Harry's... mostly with success but ultimately with utter failure.

Oh wait... They're owned by Shick?!? Goodbye. I'm going back to Gillette.

EDIT: After Harry's reply, I must mention that I just learned that Edgewell's acquisition was blocked, so no they aren't owned by Shick. However, let's talk about that "not for head shaving" thing. The little disclaimer is NOT on the front of the box. It is located on the bottom, next to the barcode, where traditionally the only thing you will find is the manufacturer's information, recycling information, and usually a 1-800 number which is what I was looking for. Now, if Harry's decided to print that disclaimer on the front of the box where it should be, or even the back of the box like it would more likely be, sales would most certainly go down.

As for the $8.99 for the razors and $7.99 for the crappy shaving cream (3.4 fl oz/100ml, or 8¢/cc) I will most certainly be requesting a refund once I speak with a customer service representative if they ever reply to my previous email message(s). They stated that they'll get back to me within 24 hours. If not, I'll be going back to Walgreens and requesting a refund, along with some gauze and tape to cover the head wound, and then I'll be asking for compensation for said medical supplies.

Like I said before, I've NEVER cut myself this badly in 20 years of having shaved my head. A few nicks here and there on my ears, but this razor blade practically scalped me with assistance of this shaving cream."

Jeremy Batty says

"Harry’s have been taking money from a card without permission. Not happy"

Kieyron Muller says

"The worst customer services. Firstly I never received my first trial, so they sent another but I’ve not paid 2 x £14 in the space of a few weeks. Support has apparently sorted it but yet again been charged. I want to make a complaint"

Peter Holmes says

"I bought this as a Christmas present for my son delivered directly to him as a surprise. I did include gift wrapping, but it all arrived branded up as “Harrys grooming “ !!

Thanks Harrys, very disappointing"

Bernard Butler says

"I tried the introduction pack. The blades are not as good as Gillette and so after a few weeks I cancelled the subscription. Cancelling on a desk top was not possible but I managed to cancel on my phone. Just received a message to say that my order was on its way. I phoned to query this and was told that I had cancelled too late! How many others get stung like this?"

Richard Barlow says

"I too was suckered into the Harrys hype, I purchased a plan and received by free blades etc. My shaving routine has not changed for 20 years and so I as eager to try these.
First off I noticed I was being nicked a hell of a lot more and on using the second blade, i noticed the trimmer blade was not set correctly in its hosing and I cut myself under the nose deep enough that it didn't stop bleeding for sometime. Then I swapped blades yet again and the nicks doubled in frequency.
So by this time i had finished the Harrys gel and went back to my normal brand. I then changed the razer head again and this time noticed straight away that the resistance of the flexing neck had changed. It seamed to deflect more as though what it was made out of was softer.
When my first subscription came though the razers we sharper but the nicks and cut kept coming.
I shave every morning and I started to notice that I had lots of stubble earlier in the day.
The final straw came when after shaving and drying my face I left enough blood on the white towel to now need to be put straight in the wash.
Thinking it was me I went back to my normal brand and instantly saw the benefit. Either one or no nicks, a very comfortable shave and it was so close I didn't feel I had to shave again before bed.
Sorry, but you get what you pay for and at best Harrys is a cheap imitation delivering a less than adequate result. Yes the premium brand is expensive but if you search for Gillette they are doing the same exact offer!
I feel a bit aggrieved and cheated to be honest. So the remaining blades and in the bin and I am cancelling my subscription."

Robert Wheatley says

"My order was duplicated and my bank account charged twice using the same order number. Love the product but not impressed with the administration."

Steve Donovan says

"The first time i used the razer it wasn't very smooth, i don't know if it has a lubricant or not. Unlike gillett you can tell by the difference in the colour on the strip. The second shave was worst so i don't think the blade will last for a 3rd time. The lightness and feel of the razer was better than most but the blades let it down."

O. Evans says

"Jess from customer service was courteous in her reply, however disappointingly Harry's didn't have a time line of when a product (Post Shave Mist) would be back in stock. Brexit or Covid related perhaps?"

TommyBoy says

"Shipping is incredibly slow. I could have walked it faster."

Glynn Papworth says

"I Think it`s like shaving with a plank with nails.

Josh Blewett says

"Very poor quality razor blades and poor quality razor. Awful for the price. Also don't pay for the surprise gift it's not worth it. Concept is a good idea but blades for the same price last much longer and give a much cleaner and smoother shave"

Mark Gannaway says

"I like your products but the box was poorly packed. The box was large with little packing material in it therefore the bottles of shampoo and body wash broke and spilled everywhere. ."

Ashley Lightfoot says

"Delivered quickly, packaged well and products appear to be high quality. However, that's where the praise stops. The first shave was ok but the lubrication strip was very gooey and the razors snagged and tugged and cut my skin. Harry's recommend going very slowly, which I did on my second shave, but that was excruciating and my face is still stinging. I've cancelled my subscription, unfortunately, very disappointed."

Paul says

"Good products but I want to be able to reduce the number of blades per automatic order."

Ashley Manley says

"Excellent product just a shame it’s lost it’s exclusivity and sold in supermarkets etc really no point buying online anymore!"

Jeff says

"Blades not good. Handle to lite. Very disappointed"

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